Monthly Archives: September 2015

Public Deaths Highlight Need to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Work Sites

The deaths of two members of the public in unrelated incidents have highlighted the need for businesses to control unauthorised access to dangerous sites. The accidents have prompted a call from HSE to companies to review risk levels in premises and worksites, and take adequate precautionary measures. Continue reading

Businesses Must Include Periodic Checks on Driving Employees

Figures showing the high incidence of driving offences among employees engaged in work related trips have highlighted the need for more attention on such employees by the employers.

About a third of the employees involved in driving while on work are charged with offences while driving. Serious offences that can have catastrophic consequences, like excessive speeding and drunk or drugged driving, have been found in a significant number of employees. Continue reading

Study to Be Undertaken on the Level of Worker Safety in the Paper Industry

A recent study has revealed the gross negligence towards workers’ safety in the paper industry in the US that has resulted in fatalities and accidents. This has led to the UK paper industry conducting a similar survey on the condition of the health and safety of workers.

According to USW, the union that conducted the survey, the study has revealed that there is widespread dilution of safety and health measures in the paper industry. Not only this, there is compromise on adequate safety training of the staff along with reduction in the number of union safety committees. Apart from this, a new practice of giving financial rewards to the staff as a return for less number of accidents reported has also gained popularity. Continue reading

Paper Firm Penalised after Accident Claims Employee’s Limb

An accident in a paper firm in Inverurie claimed the arm of an employee leading to a case that highlighted once again the need for adequate safety measures at the workplace.

Safety norms and guidelines for paper manufacturing equipments that are considered dangerous have been in place and been outlined clearly since the 19th century in Britain. However, there are still workplaces that do not have even basic measures to prevent horrific accidents from occurring, as was revealed by the recent accident. Continue reading