21% UK Staffs Are So Stressed About Their Job

A new study on stress claims that a fifth of UK workers are so stressed about their work that leaving their job is always on their minds.

The study conducted by OPP, a leader in business psychology found 30% of the employees among the over 1,000 surveyed, to be feeling quite stressed out with their profession. On the same lines, 21% of the employees frequently had the thought of walking out from their job.

Lists of activities that are observed in normal life were given to the employees who were surveyed and asked about which of these activities caused them great stress. Compared to men, a higher percentage of women felt that all the activities listed like meeting and mixing up with new individuals, going to work, driving, making key judgments at their workplace were all very stressful, excluding shopping trips. In general, 51% of the employees felt that speaking in front a big audience made them quite jittery. It was noticed that employees in low or middle positions were more stressed out when they had to talk in front of a group rather than employees at higher or senior positions. 34% of the employees in UK felt stressed out when they had to make crucial decisions while 28% worried after having a look at their savings balance. 27% also admitted to be stressed out during Christmas time while 21% felt that using a public transportation was quite taxing. It was also noted that employees at senior or higher positions worried more while using a public transportation compared to their junior staff.

Employees were also regarding the things that they did to get rid of their stress. Over half or 66% of the employees preferred watching movies and television to release their tension while 49% chose to log on and surf different sites on the internet. 40% of them chatted with their friends and family members. At 31% each, taking a hot shower and consuming alcohol were also preferred choices of some employees to release their stress.

During the study, 41% of the female employees admitted to like eating to release their stress compared to the 29% men who stated the same. Likewise having a chat with their friends was preferred by 48% of the women compared to the much less number i.e. 31% men.

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