Many people hear the words ‘health and safety’ and immediately breath a sigh of despair. As someone who has worked in health and safety for over 10 years I can empathize with this reaction.

In the workplace today there seems to be a never ending barrage of health and safety law and regulation that we all need to comply with. But in my experience, it is poor health and safety practice that leads to people’s frustration.

I am passionate about health and safety and this blog is designed to help keep people up to date with the latest changes in law and best practice.

Please feel free to browse through my latest posts and to make comments about what you read – I am a strong believer in debate and freedom of speech.

If you are interested in health and safety then you are in the right place. I hope you enjoy my website.

About Widodo

Widodo lives with his partner Suratmi and their two sons Oxa and Jenna. Besides his passion for health and safety Widodo is a keen bird watcher, rambler and amateur astronomer.