Businesses Must Include Periodic Checks on Driving Employees

Figures showing the high incidence of driving offences among employees engaged in work related trips have highlighted the need for more attention on such employees by the employers.

About a third of the employees involved in driving while on work are charged with offences while driving. Serious offences that can have catastrophic consequences, like excessive speeding and drunk or drugged driving, have been found in a significant number of employees.

A massive 51% of drivers have been charged with speeding in the past six months, while 24% have been found driving after having consumed drinks or drugs beyond safe limits. Other offences like lack of proper insurance paperwork and failure to make good previous penalties were also found among such drivers.

These findings have underlined the need for stringent control over employee drivers by small businesses, which are found to be the employers of such offenders in many cases.

Giving advice on the means to tackle the issue, sources in the industry have suggested that periodic checks be conducted as part of company policy on drivers. Yearly check of licences must be made mandatory. In addition, the drivers must be asked to show proper business insurance papers with adequate coverage of all necessary liabilities.

These measures will help the employer in ensuring better safety on the road, even if they cannot directly monitor proper driving practices while their employees are on the road. This is especially important, as the employer is ultimately responsible for travel-related offences during work, even if the employee is driving his own car.

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