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Factory Owner Prosecuted for Accident at Factory Site

Keeping fireworks in unlicensed metal containers landed Martin Winter, owner of a fireworks factory, in deep trouble. Winter knew the potential dangers the fireworks posed if caught in a blaze, yet he did nothing to avert a possible catastrophe. The catastrophe finally occurred in the form of a massive explosion at his factory that killed two firemen and injured 20 others, mostly members of the emergency services. Continue reading

Company Pays a Hefty Price for Fireball Incidence Involving Workers

The HSE impeached a company and its manager and imposed a fine of £10,000 for a fire incident that happened on August 10 2010. The Birmingham based firm RVB Investments UK Ltd and Clifford Leigh, the manager came under the axe when a fire was started when two workers cut a 1,000-volt live electric wire at a Telford industrial unit. Continue reading