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21% UK Staffs Are So Stressed About Their Job

A new study on stress claims that a fifth of UK workers are so stressed about their work that leaving their job is always on their minds.

The study conducted by OPP, a leader in business psychology found 30% of the employees among the over 1,000 surveyed, to be feeling quite stressed out with their profession. On the same lines, 21% of the employees frequently had the thought of walking out from their job. Continue reading

HeadSafe to Teach Practical School Safety Lessons to Heads of Schools

The British school system is plagued with so many myths regarding health and safety issues that the HSE has started publishing regular briefs to dismiss these myths.

For instance, a school safety myth led many to believe that health and safety rules imposed restrictions on classroom experiments. However, this is far from the truth, with the HSE always stressing on the importance of practical education in school. In fact, HSE Chair, Judith Hackitt, is said to have set her hands alight in a safe manner, to emphasise on the necessity of safe hands-on lessons. Continue reading

Health Awareness to Be Spread Through Online Calculator

In a first of its kind initiative, Community pharmacy chain, Lloydspharmacy has come up with an online mechanism that would allow workers to make use of national health data and work out the number of their co-workers that are likely to be suffering from problems like depression, alcohol problems, or sexually transmitted diseases. Continue reading

Tough Schedules Take Their Toll on HGV Drivers Unless Government Regulates Driving Hours

In a release to press persons recently, Unite union strongly persuaded a prioritization of Government policies to make limits on driving hours of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) drivers. In a bid to better the quality of Lorries plying the highways, Unite also urged the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to standardize their infrastructure. Continue reading

Policies are Not Enough to Combat Violent Behaviour at the Office

Amazingly, more than one million people in Britain have gone through first hand some kind of violent behaviour at the work place within the last two years. Concurrently, plenty of staff cannot voice it if they face bullying as well as aggressive behaviour that can turn extremely violent at the work place. This is what has been discovered in the latest investigation conducted.

Overseers and specialists in jobs that pay well are more likely to be found in the group that encounters violent behaviour at the workplace. Continue reading