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21% UK Staffs Are So Stressed About Their Job

A new study on stress claims that a fifth of UK workers are so stressed about their work that leaving their job is always on their minds.

The study conducted by OPP, a leader in business psychology found 30% of the employees among the over 1,000 surveyed, to be feeling quite stressed out with their profession. On the same lines, 21% of the employees frequently had the thought of walking out from their job. Continue reading

HSE Comes Up with New Initiative to Reduce Slips and Falls at the Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has come up with a new strategy to curb the increasing number of workplace-related accidents in Britain arising from ‘slips, trips and falls’.

HSE’s latest move comes after it was revealed that 40 workers had died in 2009 due to ‘slip, trip and fall’ accidents in the workplace. The same type of mishaps also left more than 15,000 workers with grievous injuries, and led to nearly 30,000 workers taking more than three days of leave from work. Continue reading

Hefty Fine Imposed on Charity Following Death of Support Employee

In a case involving the death of a charity organisation’s employee, Justice Keith of the Newcastle Crown Court slapped a hefty fine of £30,000 and added that a further £20,000 should be paid as costs by Mental Health Matters Ltd.

Ms Ashleigh Ewing, a young social worker who was approaching her 23rd birthday was attacked and killed by a mentally ill patient named Ronald Dixon, when she went to visit him at his home in Heaton in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Continue reading

HSE Issues Warning to Airport Services Companies Regarding Proper Equipment Usage

The HSE has yet again prosecuted an erring company which has shown negligent attitude towards worker safety causing the death of a maintenance worker. The company was taken to task for failing to provide safe equipment for repair work which led to a tragic accident in which the man was killed. Continue reading