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Gross Negligence, Disregard for Health and Safety Regulations Cause for Accident at Stoke-on-Trent

Workplace accidents are in the rise with statistics showing that almost 30% of fatal injuries were caused in construction sites in the year 2010-2011. This sums up to the maximum number of fatalities in industry in the UK. The most dangerous activity is working at heights in construction work. Continue reading

Accident Due to Management Negligence Disables Fork Lift Operator Partially

A major accident at Palletways (UK) Ltd involving a forklift operator highlighted the negligence of the management in risk assessment and in providing essential emergency training to personnel.

Mr.Hill, the forklift operator was loading a computer cabinet on to a trailer when he noticed it was wobbling. Hoping to catch it, he jumped down but it toppled forward and caught him on his head, knocking him down. He was bleeding in the head when the depot manager took him along in search of the first aid team whom he did not even know, when he could have left him in the care of his colleagues. Later the first aid unit drove him by car to the hospital without properly assessing the extent of his injuries. Continue reading

HSE Comes Up with New Initiative to Reduce Slips and Falls at the Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has come up with a new strategy to curb the increasing number of workplace-related accidents in Britain arising from ‘slips, trips and falls’.

HSE’s latest move comes after it was revealed that 40 workers had died in 2009 due to ‘slip, trip and fall’ accidents in the workplace. The same type of mishaps also left more than 15,000 workers with grievous injuries, and led to nearly 30,000 workers taking more than three days of leave from work. Continue reading

Law Firm Advises Companies to Avoid ‘Winter Slips’

The winter season poses a new danger to worker safety due to slippery surfaces because of snow and ice. Approximately one-third of all accidents at workplaces occur due to slips and falls.

Jeremy Bradshaw, personal injury lawyer with the law firm Mace & Jones, is of the view that employers must adopt special procedures to minimise the risk posed by the winter season in order to reduce their risk of facing compensation claims at a later stage. Continue reading

Business in the Community Comes Up With Musculoskeletal Health Toolkit

The launch of the ‘Working Joints and Muscles Toolkit’ by Business in the Community (BITC) is sure to help employers in the UK address the musculoskeletal health problems of their employees more effectually.

The kit has been created with valuable inputs from organizations like Birds Eye, Centrica, HSE, Land Registry, Parcelforce and the Work Foundation. It has raised hopes of the inclusion of musculoskeletal health issues in the heath and safety policies of companies in a more effective manner. Continue reading