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Gross Negligence, Disregard for Health and Safety Regulations Cause for Accident at Stoke-on-Trent

Workplace accidents are in the rise with statistics showing that almost 30% of fatal injuries were caused in construction sites in the year 2010-2011. This sums up to the maximum number of fatalities in industry in the UK. The most dangerous activity is working at heights in construction work. Continue reading

Accident Due to Management Negligence Disables Fork Lift Operator Partially

A major accident at Palletways (UK) Ltd involving a forklift operator highlighted the negligence of the management in risk assessment and in providing essential emergency training to personnel.

Mr.Hill, the forklift operator was loading a computer cabinet on to a trailer when he noticed it was wobbling. Hoping to catch it, he jumped down but it toppled forward and caught him on his head, knocking him down. He was bleeding in the head when the depot manager took him along in search of the first aid team whom he did not even know, when he could have left him in the care of his colleagues. Later the first aid unit drove him by car to the hospital without properly assessing the extent of his injuries. Continue reading

FSB Study Shows Sickness Absence Costing Small Firms £1,500 Annually

New data released by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) states that in the last one-year illness related non-attendance has cost small companies an average of £1,500 each, while for almost 9% it cost not less than £5,000. Pointing to this needless cost affecting the normal functioning and growth of small firms, the FSB has recommended the Government to initiate a relief for them, which can aid them in reclaiming their statutory sick pay (SSP). Continue reading

Speedibake’s PePE Gets the Coveted Award for Safety

Speedibake is the producer of frozen bakery items for chief hypermarkets and food service agencies in West Yorkshire. They have an employee base that is multicultural and multilingual speaking more than 13 languages. This PePE facilitates to put across the safety instructions for them capably, regardless of the language barriers. Continue reading

21% UK Staffs Are So Stressed About Their Job

A new study on stress claims that a fifth of UK workers are so stressed about their work that leaving their job is always on their minds.

The study conducted by OPP, a leader in business psychology found 30% of the employees among the over 1,000 surveyed, to be feeling quite stressed out with their profession. On the same lines, 21% of the employees frequently had the thought of walking out from their job. Continue reading