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Company Fined for Health and Safety Breaches

KTC (Edibles) Ltd, a multinational company based in Wednesbury, has recently been fined by West Bromwich magistrates for a number of health and safety breaches at its Moorcroft Drive premises. The company had also failed to intimate HSE about an injury of a worker who had met with an accident in the premises. Continue reading

Factory Owner Prosecuted for Accident at Factory Site

Keeping fireworks in unlicensed metal containers landed Martin Winter, owner of a fireworks factory, in deep trouble. Winter knew the potential dangers the fireworks posed if caught in a blaze, yet he did nothing to avert a possible catastrophe. The catastrophe finally occurred in the form of a massive explosion at his factory that killed two firemen and injured 20 others, mostly members of the emergency services. Continue reading

Public Deaths Highlight Need to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Work Sites

The deaths of two members of the public in unrelated incidents have highlighted the need for businesses to control unauthorised access to dangerous sites. The accidents have prompted a call from HSE to companies to review risk levels in premises and worksites, and take adequate precautionary measures. Continue reading

Paper Firm Penalised after Accident Claims Employee’s Limb

An accident in a paper firm in Inverurie claimed the arm of an employee leading to a case that highlighted once again the need for adequate safety measures at the workplace.

Safety norms and guidelines for paper manufacturing equipments that are considered dangerous have been in place and been outlined clearly since the 19th century in Britain. However, there are still workplaces that do not have even basic measures to prevent horrific accidents from occurring, as was revealed by the recent accident. Continue reading

Leicester City Council Settles Injury Claim Out of Court, Pays £10,000 Compensation

Numerous accidents in the workplace occur due to the negligence of employers. This was proven once again when Leicester City Council accepted liability for back injury to an employee named Sharon Kerry and paid her compensation of £10,250.

In October 2007, Sharon, who worked as a hostel duty officer for the council, was trying to access a safe kept on the floor when she hurt her back. The staff had complained about the position of the safe a number of times, because they had to bend or kneel down each time to use it. Sharon’s accident worsened and speeded up a pre-existing back condition by almost two to three years. She is now seriously considering going for surgery for treatment. Continue reading