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21% UK Staffs Are So Stressed About Their Job

A new study on stress claims that a fifth of UK workers are so stressed about their work that leaving their job is always on their minds.

The study conducted by OPP, a leader in business psychology found 30% of the employees among the over 1,000 surveyed, to be feeling quite stressed out with their profession. On the same lines, 21% of the employees frequently had the thought of walking out from their job. Continue reading

Government to Support Innovative Plans on Workers’ Health and Welfare

Small to medium-sized businesses and local partnerships which have an employee count of one to 249 will be eligible for availing financial help ranging from £1,000 to £50,000 a year from the government.

This monetary support will be given to employers from the Health Work and Well-being Challenge Fund, if they formulate new projects intended to reduce workplace stress, improve work and life balance and further the health and happiness of the workers. The total value of the fund is £4 million and it will be available for the next two years. Continue reading