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All About Journalist

All About Journalist – Latest Reports Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) says one journalist was killed every 4.5 days around the world. Report of the Director-General of UNESCO on Tuesday, November 2, 2016, stated, since a decade ago, 827 journalists were killed while on duty.

According to the report, titled Journalists and the Danger of Impunity, the region hardest are the Arab countries, including Syria, Yemen, and Libya. Latin America is the second most severe continent.

The report on the 2006-2015 revealed that 59 percent of the deaths of journalists since two years ago occurred in areas of conflict. During that period, 78 of the 213 journalists killed (36.5 percent) in the Arab countries.

Perhaps most worrying is the increase in deaths of journalists in Western Europe and North America from zero since 2014 to eleven people last year.

Local journalists said to be much more risky than the foreign journalists who accounted for 90 percent of the 827 victims. But the rise in most major foreign journalists deaths occurred in 2014 with 17 people compared to the average of four people in previous years.

UNESCO also discovered, years ago there was a big increase in the killing of journalists online (blogger) with 21 people. Nearly half of them are Syrian blogger. All About Journalist. The report also states the number of male journalists who died while on duty l 10 times more than women. Chief State Prosecutor Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara, Hasan Kurnia expel journalists covering demonstrations Islamic Students Association (HMI) branch Dompu, Thursday, October 27, 2016. Continue reading