Company Fined for Health and Safety Breaches

KTC (Edibles) Ltd, a multinational company based in Wednesbury, has recently been fined by West Bromwich magistrates for a number of health and safety breaches at its Moorcroft Drive premises. The company had also failed to intimate HSE about an injury of a worker who had met with an accident in the premises.

A worker of the company named Noshad Ali was injured in February 2008 when he landed between heavy bags of beans and rice after falling down from a height. The worker fell after stepping on a mezzanine floor that could not sustain his weight and gave in. Though the incident had occurred in February 2008, it was reported to HSE eight months later.

Information of the floor collapse first came to HSE from a Local Authority environmental health officer. A site visit by a HSE inspector did not yield anything positive, as the inspector was told that there had been no injury. Still the inspector did his job and advised the management that edge protection should be installed immediately near the opening created by the collapse.

However, the management failed to install any such protection, which resulted in the company being served with a notice barring people from working or coming near the unprotected area. Other breaches of health and safety law were also detected by HSE. The inspectors saw a man who was about to be run down by a lorry that had collided with a building, and a worker being carried in a forklift truck in an unsecured cage.

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