HeadSafe to Teach Practical School Safety Lessons to Heads of Schools

The British school system is plagued with so many myths regarding health and safety issues that the HSE has started publishing regular briefs to dismiss these myths.

For instance, a school safety myth led many to believe that health and safety rules imposed restrictions on classroom experiments. However, this is far from the truth, with the HSE always stressing on the importance of practical education in school. In fact, HSE Chair, Judith Hackitt, is said to have set her hands alight in a safe manner, to emphasise on the necessity of safe hands-on lessons.

Some other myths led many to believe that health and safety concerns had led to the ban on school ties and that adventure playgrounds were no more fun due to the restrictions imposed.

Some even thought a school teacher could be taken to court if a student was hurt, even though the HSE pointed out that no teacher had been personally involved in such a lawsuit since 2005.

The HSE explained that action against teachers was only taken if the matter was very serious and/or where the teacher had ignored the rules and deviated from a commonsensical approach.

Now head teachers wanting to acquire a more in-depth and practical knowledge of heath and safety issues can use ‘HeadSafe,’ an e-learning resource designed to cater to the health and safety concerns of head teachers, school bursars, school governors and school managers.

Rob Castledine, Associate Director at the Workplace Law Group and a Director of Three Spires Safety is the creator of HeadSafe. Mr Castledine has been a safety counsellor for over 20 years and his experience will certainly be of value to all those opting to use the tool.

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