Health Awareness to Be Spread Through Online Calculator

In a first of its kind initiative, Community pharmacy chain, Lloydspharmacy has come up with an online mechanism that would allow workers to make use of national health data and work out the number of their co-workers that are likely to be suffering from problems like depression, alcohol problems, or sexually transmitted diseases.

The tool, the Chances Areā€¦ Calculator, has been introduced to highlight the importance of relevant health related data by applying it to the workplace.

According to the Governance and Pharmacy Relations Director of Lloydspharmacy, Andy Murdock, the last few years have witnessed a gradual decline in the interest of people in national statistics. He substantiated his point by saying that people might not be bothered about the fact that more than 15% of the national population is at risk of developing diabetes. However, if you tell them that eight out of every fifty persons in their office are pre-diabetic and ten out of every fifty might suffer from erectile dysfunction by the age of 40, they are likely to take notice.

The company is hoping that the tool will be used in workplaces across the country and enable people to understand and discuss their health risks. It will also encourage them to deliberate upon measures to reduce the health risks by bringing about minor changes in their lifestyles.

The functioning of the calculator is very simple. It asks the users to fill in information about their workplace, sex ratio, and other data like average age of employees. It then makes use of a database to calculate the likelihood of specific health problems in employees at that workplace.

For several ailments, relevant guidance is provided in addition to the information about the health risk, in order to help the employees mitigate the risk factors.

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