HeadSafe to Teach Practical School Safety Lessons to Heads of Schools

The British school system is plagued with so many myths regarding health and safety issues that the HSE has started publishing regular briefs to dismiss these myths.

For instance, a school safety myth led many to believe that health and safety rules imposed restrictions on classroom experiments. However, this is far from the truth, with the HSE always stressing on the importance of practical education in school. In fact, HSE Chair, Judith Hackitt, is said to have set her hands alight in a safe manner, to emphasise on the necessity of safe hands-on lessons. Continue reading

Health Awareness to Be Spread Through Online Calculator

In a first of its kind initiative, Community pharmacy chain, Lloydspharmacy has come up with an online mechanism that would allow workers to make use of national health data and work out the number of their co-workers that are likely to be suffering from problems like depression, alcohol problems, or sexually transmitted diseases. Continue reading

Law Firm Advises Companies to Avoid ‘Winter Slips’

The winter season poses a new danger to worker safety due to slippery surfaces because of snow and ice. Approximately one-third of all accidents at workplaces occur due to slips and falls.

Jeremy Bradshaw, personal injury lawyer with the law firm Mace & Jones, is of the view that employers must adopt special procedures to minimise the risk posed by the winter season in order to reduce their risk of facing compensation claims at a later stage. Continue reading

Business in the Community Comes Up With Musculoskeletal Health Toolkit

The launch of the ‘Working Joints and Muscles Toolkit’ by Business in the Community (BITC) is sure to help employers in the UK address the musculoskeletal health problems of their employees more effectually.

The kit has been created with valuable inputs from organizations like Birds Eye, Centrica, HSE, Land Registry, Parcelforce and the Work Foundation. It has raised hopes of the inclusion of musculoskeletal health issues in the heath and safety policies of companies in a more effective manner. Continue reading

Company Fined for Health and Safety Breaches

KTC (Edibles) Ltd, a multinational company based in Wednesbury, has recently been fined by West Bromwich magistrates for a number of health and safety breaches at its Moorcroft Drive premises. The company had also failed to intimate HSE about an injury of a worker who had met with an accident in the premises. Continue reading