Policies are Not Enough to Combat Violent Behaviour at the Office

Amazingly, more than one million people in Britain have gone through first hand some kind of violent behaviour at the work place within the last two years. Concurrently, plenty of staff cannot voice it if they face bullying as well as aggressive behaviour that can turn extremely violent at the work place. This is what has been discovered in the latest investigation conducted.

Overseers and specialists in jobs that pay well are more likely to be found in the group that encounters violent behaviour at the workplace.

Cardiff’s School of Social Sciences and Plymouth Business School that went ahead with this survey found that long-established work regulations are not able to handle violence and aggression in the office.

This survey was conducted on a workforce that was 4,000 and more. The things that were unearthed were truly astonishing:

9. 4.9% of office-goers have been privy to lack of sympathy at their place of work. This amount adds up to almost one million staff.
10. Approximately 3.8% of staff faced bodily consequences.
11. 30% of all employees were given deadlines that they could not manage and great workloads
12. In the order of every fourth worker has been talked to in a loud and angry manner or talked angrily
13. 13.3% of office goers have felt stressed at office at times.

Quite a few workers have been gutsy enough to voice this concern about hostility at work. Astoundingly, about 13% encountered this every single day. Most of these were victimized by people not within the office and as many as 72% of them were company clients. The people who were most at risk of being bullied were those in special fields like health and social work, education, and public administration and defence. Private sector workers faced this more in comparison to others.

This survey also brought to the forefront the violent behaviour and what outcomes it had on the workforce in Britain. There are as many as seven to eight million workers in Britain who have unreachable and unachievable deadlines and nobody to hear their woes.

Several times, staff at the managerial level has the most violent and aggressive behaviour displayed. This goes on to enhance the employee risk of encountering this kind of behaviour regularly. Supervisory duties for staff on permanent roles of the company put them at a far greater risk to be privy to aggressive and violent manner at the office.

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