Speedibake’s PePE Gets the Coveted Award for Safety

Speedibake is the producer of frozen bakery items for chief hypermarkets and food service agencies in West Yorkshire. They have an employee base that is multicultural and multilingual speaking more than 13 languages. This PePE facilitates to put across the safety instructions for them capably, regardless of the language barriers.

The signposts of the company’s two manufacturing units use PePE to demonstrate to their employees the things of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they should use while carrying out a work. The operations hazard manager at Speedibake, Mark Edwards, one of the key persons behind this innovative plan strongly believes that PePE has proved to be an efficient way for passing on safety messages to their multilingual workers.

He spoke during the award acceptance. He added that although it is an effortless plan it has worked very well for their company. Since they have a multicultural and multilingual workforce, they had to develop methods for passing on safety messages easily and effectively beyond the language barriers. He explains that PePE effectively fits the bill; it illustrates what anyone has to be wearing, while he/she has to enter a particular region of the factory or while carrying out a specific chore.

PePE is an element of the total Safety First campaigns at Speedibake, which seeks to lower the amount of tragedies and bad health conditions at workplaces. Five years ago, there were 171 tragedies, which has lowered to just 22 the preceding year. Due to which the company missed only seven days of work.

The cartoon character PePE won the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) National Food and Drink Health and Safety Award, in partnership with the HSE, this year. It was because of its simplicity and competence in improving the safety at a multilingual workplace.

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